Without any real effort, Eric has managed to capture a world record in Toaster Punting, which has impressed few and confused many. According to facts obtained by Google, he's only one of twelve people on the planet who can't play "Smells Like Teen Spirit" on the guitar. Also, he's tall and blonde, which is even LESS impressive than his athletic skills with kitchen cookery. Eric also has a habit of running around the Bibelot store looking for things to cure his boredom while fulfilling his Assistant Manager duties. This leads to various adventures/injuries....neither of which can really be helped.

Also, we think he was raised by Emus.


After being named "Mr. Maryland" in a body-building competition circa 1984, Mason went on to become Governor of California. Naturally, that job sucked a lot so he went to Maryland and became the Store Manager of Bibelot Books & Music. Mason can do many things, however he is also one of the twelve people who can't play "Smells Like Teen Spirit" on the guitar. This is the only thing Mason and Eric have in common. Day to day life for Mason involves trying to run his store properly while trying to keep Eric from doing something dangerous/ridiculous. We theorize Mason derives his mutant powers to contain Eric's ADD from his beard. It's a +2 in "cool" and automatically wins initiative. Mason was not raised by Emus....we looked it up.